Strong Public Services Build Strong Communities

We are holding the Council accountable by fighting for quality services.

Budget Priorities

The Council approved new staff positions for their offices while failing to fill positions at Police, Fire, and General government offices.

Developer Tax Breaks

The Council gave up $400 million in tax revenue to give tax breaks to big developers. That revenue is gone forever. In the face of budget shortfalls due to COVID that lost revenue will be devastating to the County.

Recent Montgomery County News

On Wednesday, we received an email from Hans Riemer who is running for County Executive that skewed the truth on his record for supporting public safety and public services. His claims are vague enough to not to be outright lies, but they obscure the truth about his...

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Public Sector Apprenticeships

Public Sector Apprenticeships

Mocowatch typically shares information on the county council’s poor leadership. But today, we put forward a positive suggestion for a new policy to create a profound change within Montgomery County for the better -- public sector apprenticeship programs for county...

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What are the County Council’s Priorities?

The Montgomery County Council gave up $400 million in tax revenue that could have gone to vital services, like 911, police, fire, health and human services, school health aids, and more. Instead of tax breaks for developers, how about funding county services for residents.

The Council Needs To Get Its Priorities Straight

The Montgomery County Council created 11 new positions on their staff at $120,000 per position but refused to fund the purchase of tasers for police officers.

We Need Public Services, Not Tax Breaks for Developers

The County Council is threatening to cut services to residents due to revenue shortfalls. They have failed to fill positions at all agencies year-over-year but voted to override the County Executive’s veto of a bill to give huge tax breaks to developers.

Montgomery County Budget at a glance

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